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A special interest group of American Mensa (and approved as an international SIG for other Mensans worldwide) devoted to web development. All Mensans involved in developing web sites, interested in learning how, or seeking help getting their Mensa local group, SIG, or RG onto the web, are welcome to join and share their ideas.

(And, yes, I know that this site design is rather ugly and clunky, and hasn't been updated in many years... I'm a geek, not a graphical designer! Some of this stuff was really cool in 1996, honest! And it's possible some of the links below are dead due to the constant linkrot of the Web. That's life.)

The WebHeads SIG has no paper newsletter -- the web crowd has no need for communications media based on dead trees! All SIG communications are done through this web site and the WebHeads e-mail list, which you're subscribed to when you join the SIG. We sometimes also have a meeting in the SIGs room of the AG (though we've skipped it lately). Since there are no postage expenses for paper mailings, and the mailing list is hosted by a free service, there are no membership dues. Membership is, however, limited to current Mensans, in order to keep this a Mensa-related SIG rather than a more general web-development mailing list (of which there are several already).

To join the SIG / mailing list (which you can access as individual e-mails, daily digests, or by Web only), use the form below:

Or see WebHeads live at a gathering near you...

At the 2022 American Mensa AG in Sparks, NV: Saturday, July 9, 9:00 - 10:15 AM (Redwood 5)

WebHeads SIG Coordinator -- Daniel Tobias (webmaster@m-webheads.org)

Resources of interest to WebHeads

These are on sites not maintained by this SIG; we are not responsible for their content.

Dan's Web Tips
A collection of hints by this SIG's coordinator.

A wiki-based encyclopedia of Mensa-related topics.

File Formats Wiki
Document file formats of all sorts, electronic and physical.

General Web Creation Info

HTML Primers and References

Site Syntax Checking



Domain Names

  • CheckDomain -- See if a domain name is already registered, and if so who owns it -- includes many foreign country-code domains as well as the .com, .org, etc. ones.
  • Dan's Domain Name Site


Other Stuff

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